Ashfall Unearthed: The TV Premiere

Friday, December 13, 7:00 pm • NET1 TV

Ashfall wasn't just about the music...

NET Television visited the historic Ashfall Fossil Beds, followed composer Rusty Banks on a fly fishing trip to the area, and filmed the process of recording the audio CD, then put it all together in this captivating documentary. The long-awaited premiere happens this weekend—Friday, December 13, at 7:00 pm on NET1.

Produced by Michele Wolford, Ashfall Unearthed follows the journey from a cataclysmic volcano and its aftermath, to present-day efforts to excavate the perfectly-preserved remains. All against a background of the dramatic music of Rusty Banks, written especially for the Nebraska Chamber Players and featuring their live performance on-screen.

If you miss the premiere, there are plenty of other chances to catch the show. It will also be streamed online at Here's a complete list of air dates:

NCP at NET sneak preview
Ashfall discoverer Mike Voorhies, producer Michele Wolford
and NCP musicians at the sneak preview of Ashfall Unearthed
at NET Studios.

Friday, December 13 • 7:00 pm
Tuesday, December 17 • 11:00 pm
Friday, December 27 • 10:30 pm
Tuesday, December 31 • 8:30 pm
Friday, January 10 • 7:00 pm
Tuesday, January 14 • 11:00 pm
Sunday, January 19 • 9:30 pm
Monday, January 27 • 10:30 pm

Sunday, December 15 • 5:00 pm
Sunday, December 28 • 1:30 pm


Give Ashfall for Christmas

Let your friends, family, teachers too, enjoy the gift of Ashfall. It is not only a great listening experience but an incredible teaching opportunity. The CD recording is available on I-tunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Or if you prefer to have the disc (with its amazing artwork), call us at 402.429.8227.


Congratulations to Michael Voorhies, 2013 Henry Fonda Award winner

The 2013 Henry Fonda Award,the state’s highest tourism award representing leadership, vision and dedication to the tourism industry, was given to our friend and inspiration, Mike Voorhies. Mike is the University of Nebraska paleontologist who discovered the Ashfall fossil beds in northeast Nebraska, one of the premier mammal fossil sites in the world. In 1971, Mike was exploring the tributaries of the Verdigre Creek valley in search of fossils when he discovered a baby rhino skeleton protruding from a creek bank. It turned out that the rhino was among thousands of animals buried after a gigantic volcanic eruption covered parts of Nebraska with up to 10 feet of ash.

Over several decades, Voorhies has been instrumental in seeking out recognition for the site and the support necessary to turn it into what is now known as Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park. After many years of planning, the park was finally developed in 1991. The park is located between Royal and Orchard in Antelope County in northeast Nebraska. In 2012 alone, over 16,000 visitors, students and paleontologists have come to work, study and visit this historically significant site.

The Ashfall Beds were the inspiration for Ashfall, the large-scale chamber work composed by Rusty Banks for the Nebraska Chamber Players. Mike breaks out into a grin and his eyes crinkle in pleasure when he ponders the convergence of paleontology and chamber music!

The 2013-14 season continues
January 17 & 19 • April 11 & 13



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