COMING UP: OLLI's Musically Speaking, a musical potpourri, and a celebration of the annual white pelican migration

Clark Potter presents Musically Speaking January 15 at 2:30 pm

Do non-wind instrument musicians need to breathe while they play? Who breathes more frequently, a Japanese pearl diver or a violinist? Do string players breathe differently when audiences are listening? Do they breathe differently if the music is slow?

UNL professor and NCP violist Clark Potter will discuss his current research and the development of an apparatus to measure the breathing rates and intensities of string players as they play. His premise is that normal breathing can be taught, and properly controlled breathing can reduce symptoms of stage fright. It might even prolong the life of breathers everywhere!

Wednesday, January 15 • 2:30 pm
NET Telecommunications Bldg, Lincoln, NE
Registration Required • $5.00 fee
Call OLLI 402 472-6265 or visit


2013 Larsen Young Artist Award winner joins NCP January 17

Nadia Maudhoo

Nadia Maudhoo

The 2013 Larsen Young Artist Award winner, Nadia Maudhoo, will join NCP in concert on Friday, January 17. Nadia will play an arrangment of Franz Liszt's Consolation No.3 for violin, clarinet and harp.

The LYAA was established "to recognize outstanding talent and performance on strings and to provide an opportunity for gifted string players to compete and demonstrate their ability to perform." The winner received $1000 and the opportunity to perform with the Nebraska Chamber Players during its 2013-2014 season.

Max and Lillie Larsen generously established and have funded this competition for the past 10 years. 2013 was the final year for the competition. Past winners have been invited to attend Friday's concert and will be introduced at intermission.


"Murphy's Law" Infects the January 17 and 19 Series Repertoire

Sometimes the stars align in the worst possible way, and you just have to go along with it. Our January concerts have been completely subject to Murphy's Law—whatever can go wrong, will! Between difficulty obtaining readable scores and injuries to two of our five musicians, it seems the scheduled repertoire for this week's concert series was simply not meant to happen.

The Nebraska Chamber Players are nothing if not flexible, so we took a page out of Concerts on the Creek, our popular and slightly less formal summer programs. Our featured harpist's serious hand injury necessitated major repertoire changes, but Katie Wychulis will perform an arrangement of a work by Liszt with the 2013 LYAA winner. Sheri Ericksen, Ed Love and Tracy Sands will present Beethoven's well-loved Trio for piano, clarinet and cello. We'll round out the program with an assortment of crowd-pleasing duos and trios featuring flute, clarinet, harp, cello and piano.

Pianist Loretta Love will join NCP for several selections, along with husband Ed on clarinet. Tracy will share a few of her most beautiful cello works, and Becky Van de Bogart will join Katie for some favorites for flute and harp. Bring a cozy sweater and prepare to curl up and enjoy a potpourri of heart-warming musical favorites!


NCP Spring Concert Series moved to March 28 & 30

Due to unavoidable last-minute conflicts, the dates of the final two regular season concerts have been changed. Mark your calendar for 8 pm Friday, March 28, and 3 pm Sunday, March 30.

The March program will include a world premiere of a new work written specifically for NCP to commemorate the annual migration of white pelicans across Nebraska. Pelican Frolics is a work for flute, clarinet, English horn, cello, piano, vibraphone and recorded music. The highlight of this work will be a performance by the University of Nebraska Dance Dept., choreographed by UNL professor Susan Levine-Ourada. It's an experience that will envelope your senses! The project has been generously funded by the Cooper Foundation.

Annual White Pelican Homecoming Celebration
Alma, Nebraska

The NCP Players will journey to southwestern Nebraska to take part in this spectacular display of nature! Watch your email and our website for details. • 402.429.8227


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